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eNeFTi | MARKETPLACE carries out its designs by scrutinizing and creating original content. Experts in html, css and javascript programs took part in our site infrastructure designs. The visual designs of our site are arranged by our Turkish architect.


Our server providers have passed through high-layered security measures. Transfer lock, WHOIC privacy. Our measures like Cloudfare are kept open.


Trust is a difficult feeling to establish, we are well aware of that. Our founder, veterinarian, chief designer is an architect, and they are people who take great care in their work. Our founder works on cryptocurrencies, nft projects and metaverse projects. We are a team that wants to constantly improve ourselves.


Everything is just beginning for Enefti…

eNeFTi |MARKETPLACE is a nft display sales platform based in Turkey. Enefti aims to be an art gallery in the metaverse world for works produced unlike other projects. The images show the beta stages of one of Enefti’s art gallery.(Enefti.V1) Nft producers from all over the world can exhibit their works on this platform.

We’re working on a fascinating meta-universe: eNeFTiVeRse

We are creating a program that is much more realistic than many metaverse projects and can reach people of all ages. In this universe, we first established 2 basic regions. These universes are: eNeFTiPARK and MetaVET regions. Below are some images from these areas.

eNeFTiPARK / Art Galleries & Cafeterias

In our universe, there are art galleries where the works of any artist from many parts of the world can be exhibited in NFT format. Some of the works to be published here will be determined by drawing. With this method, everyone will be kept equal. At the same time, cafeterias where you can spend different times and chat with the curators are available in this area.

MetaVET / Zoo

You can spend as much time as you want in this zoo, which we have carefully designed within the MetaVET universe, where you can get interactive information, get excited, and show your love and interest for animals. The zoo was designed as a tube-channel system. You are very safe in this zoo, which is prepared with unbreakable glass.

MetaVET / Animal Clinics

The fact that our founder is a veterinarian played a very important role in the creation of the MetaVET region. Our founder wanted these clinics to be built for the health and treatment of animals in the zoo, which is another building in this region, and other creatures in the eNeFTiVeRse universe. These clinics are a great chance for the treatment of animals such as Shiba, Doge, Floki, Cate, Feg, which are expected to take place in the future in the Metaverse!

We have many original collection ideas.

You can take a look at some of the pieces we have selected from our original collections. Collections of our parts will be listed on Rarible and Opensea nft sales platforms very soon.

savıor elon

“DOGE”, which has been wandering silently and helplessly among bitcoin whales for a long time, is a work about the rescuer Elon MUSK’s twitter birds to pull and rescue “DOGE”. The island seen in the image is the “BIAK” island where SpaceX rocket launches were made. Bitcoin sun is essential for vitality.

dance with the dark

Darkness is not a kind of despair. Lets! Dance to light up the darkness too.


Sculptor is a very important craft that has been going on for millennia. So how different and extreme can this craft be? How can it reflect the characters and reality? You will see them in this series.


Each treehead represents a different philosophical thought. How will these works make the artists think? How different will each thought be? Are you ready for a unique and thought-provoking collection?


This work is the first piece of the “VRMAN” collection, inspired by the image on the cover of “Oculos de Pigmalião” by Stanley G.Weinbaum, copyrighted by pexels. Prepared by eNeFTi Technologies.


It is the 2nd part of the “VRMAN” collection. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator were used in its preparation. The work is a unique piece.The artwork was using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


In this work, which is the third piece of the collection, a more technological character is symbolized with purple colors. The artwork was prepared by eNeFTi Technologies using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


It is the 4rd piece of the “VRMAN” collection, which includes a special character with colors in different tones. It was prepared by eNeFTi Technologies with the support of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


We are creating the NFT collection in terms of many materials of the legendary cartoon series published under different names in different geographies. This collection, which we will call “Temel” in Turkey, will both entertain you and make a journey to the past.

stıckhero characters

It is a unique collection of character versions of “stickhero” heroes, the most famous and most downloaded playstore android application of an era.


“BERGEN”, an artist who left his mark on the 1980s in Turkey’s Adana province, is an Nft work dedicated to Belgin Sarılmışer with her real name. BERGEN was first attacked by cezap by his wife, whom he married during his artistic period, and lost a part of his face. Later, he was murdered with a gun by the same person. Recently, a movie about his life has been released in Turkey and has been the focus of attention by many.


It’s a comic book series that has become legendary in most countries, and it’s a collectible work of an excellent character that takes comic book history to another level. In addition to the “REDKIT” character, all kinds of inventory of the character will be included in the content. This work is done by our team for the first time in the NFT world.

thıef elon

As we all know, the American billionaire entrepreneur Elon MUSK dealt a great blow to all world markets through manipulative movements. As a result, many investors suffered serious losses and had psychologically difficult times. It is a work designed to soften these difficult days a little and at the same time be a reaction to the person who is doing this manipulation.

green alıen

It is a collection consisting of different representations of the “green alien” character, which is a globally popular trend of a period, in different places.

Why are we different from other NFT projects?

What issues does our project basically deal with, unlike other projects?

We are not just an nft market. We aim for much more.
We don’t just sell dreams. We have a real virtual world.
We did not create a direct market. This project will develop with you. You will establish this market.
We have a privileged and understandable website.


Our team works with dedication, they are knowledgeable about blockchain technology. It works with discipline according to a certain plan. Our founders graduated from valuable universities in Turkey.



Our Founder is a Veterinarian. He studied at Cukurova University in Turkey. He is closely interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Many experts on NFT communicate with platforms and people. He is at the head of a disciplined team.



He is the designer of most designs, including our website and projects. He is a graduate of Turkey Cukurova University Faculty of Architecture. He is the chief architect of many construction and garden design projects. He also holds the title of co-founder of the project.



Moana Seeha completed the National University of Laos between 2012-2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Studied mathematics and computer science. He completed Studied computer science department at Centria University of Applied Science between 2014-2016. He took part in many impressive projects. He has been working as Full-stack and Blockchain Developer at FiveStarsMobi since August 2020.



Anita Angelica Moore is the founder and CEO of the American NFT project BlindBoxes. Anita, who acted as a consultant for our project, is a very important name for our project due to her relations with major cryptocurrency exchanges and international relations.



Xiu Wang has over 9 years of work experience in 2D and 3D animation. Mr. Wang completed his education at Beijing Institute of Technology, Computer Vision between 2013-2016. Completed 2016 Bachelor of the Arts, Graphic Design. Between 2018 and 2021, he took on animation duties in the projects of ‘We Baby Bears’, ‘The Fungies’, and ‘House Broken’ at the very famous cartoon company Cartoon Network.


2022 – Q1

We are still a very new project. Our first quarter plans include creating our project’s website and having a growing audience on twitter and telegram.

2022 – Q2

Our project aims to complete the architectural work of the metaverse project eNeFTiVeRse and to establish partnerships in this period. We want to build a very strong infrastructure before launch. We will announce partnerships with serious projects from various countries. In addition, we plan to organize advertisements in football stadiums, airports and city squares in metropolitan cities in Turkey.

2022 – Q3

The third quarter will be a very important time period for us. In this time frame, we will both start the frontline sales for our Metaverse project and start our efforts for a very strong and smart contracted crypto currency.

2022 – Q4

At the end of 2022, we will launch listings on exchanges for our cryptocurrency eNeFTiVeRse Token (EVR). In addition to all this, we aim to be ready for launch for our Metaverse universe. We will have established the necessary infrastructures for you to use EVR tokens in the universe.


Teams that support our project and believe in our development.

Dubai-based Game-Fi project Revomon offers its users the chance to earn money by playing games.

The US-based NFT project BlindBoxes is revolutionizing NFT with its blind box technology.

Unimaxpad, a project established in India with idealistic ideas for web3.0.

We will create a strong community in our project.

Not only does an idea need a good plan and a solid team to do well, it’s also very important that it reaches a popular community.

At this stage, our team has specific plans. We are still at the very beginning of the project, you need to be very patient as well as supporting us. We will do our best as a team to carry our project to the higher levels it deserves. We are in contact with some companies. We will announce our sponsorship and advertising agreements in the coming days. Believe us, we believe in our project.

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