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We talked about the general objectives of our roadmap on the home page of our website. Here we would like to give some additional information about the roadmap of our project. First of all, our project begins a long road in line with its goals. We know that there will be difficulties and obstacles in front of us on this road. We have the strength and determination to tackle these obstacles. From the outside, you can see it as an ordinary marketplace. However, we do not accept this. We are building a multi-layered platform. We will now feature our own tracks on our platform. In the future, we will start to publish and promote your projects on our site by organizing raffles with the applicants among the projects that cannot be heard on platforms such as opensea or rarible. In addition to all these, we will establish a multi-layered nft ecosystem. At the center of this structure will be our metaverse project, which will be designed by eNeFTi technologies. After doing all this, our marketplace will set up a shop for its own nft sales and issue its own cryptocurrency. We will bring brand new ideas to the NFT world. Support us and most importantly believe.

-vısıonary website
-a unique meta-realm
-a popouler social community
-a strong cryptocurrency

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